God bless you


(Jeff) - Hey Troy sneezes like a girl.
(Troy) - How about I pound you like a boy...That didn't come out right.


Professor Ian Duncan - Är brittisk!

(Professor Ian Duncan) - Every answer to every test in your curriculum this semester.
(Jeff) - I knew you could do it buddy, thank you.
(Professor Ian Duncan) - WOw there grabby grabby!! What do I get?
(Jeff) - The satisfaction of being even.
(Professor Ian Duncan) - Even, fairness, right, wrong. There is no god, booyah booyah.
(Jeff) - What do you want from me.
(Professor Ian Duncan) - Your Lexus.
(Jeff) - My car for a semester worth of answers.
(Professor Ian Duncan) - Will it be just a semester though Jeff. Won't you be taking the easy way out for the next four years. I want payment in advance. I want leather sits, with built-in baaall warmers.


Jag vet världens nörd men ibland så fastnar jag för sånna meningar!!


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